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IFP Research Awards: Call For Nominations
Mid-Career Research Award

Dear IFP Community:

This is a call for IFP research award. The IFP Research Award has the purpose of furthering a broad spectrum of psychotherapy research that is in line with the general goal of IFP. A special weight is given to studies emphasizing cultural issues, psychotherapy delivery, clinical excellence, and training.

The IFP Research Committee accepts nominations for the following three awards:

  1. Young researchers on the level of a completed dissertation
  2. Mid-career researchers who have already delivered important research beyond the dissertation level
  3. Distinguished researchers for lifetime achievements

The categories for nomination rotate every two year. For the next year, nominations for Mid-Career Researcher are invited. Nominees will typically have gained their Ph.D. 15 to 25 years previously but Committee need not adhere strictly to these limits, so excellent candidates who are close to this career stage may also be considered.


Nominations can be made by member associations represented by their officials, by individuals who are members of IFP member organizations, and by individual IFP members.

A nomination must include: (1) a filled out nomination form (on the IPF homepage), (2) a letter of recommendation by the nominating person/association, (3) a CV, copies of the material (publications) based on which the decision is expected to be made, and (4) a document written by the nominee summarizing his/her work and explaining how it is related to the aims of IFP. All documents shall preferably be sent as electronic documents to the IFP president Paul Emmelkamp.

Additional letters of recommendation may be included or submitted separately, also by colleagues not satisfying the criteria for the primary nominator.

The deadline for nomination is 31 December 2018.

The decision will be made by The IFP Research Committee and the award will be announced in 2018 International Meeting. The air fare and accommodation for the awardee will be provided by the IFP. 

There are several ways that you can assist us with selecting best candidates

  1. Distribute the information via your professional listserv.
  2. Post the information on your professional website.
  3. Send out this e-mail to your colleagues.
  4. Nominate researchers for each award category

For questions, please contact


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